Buying a kitten from S*Trymheims

When our kittens leave our home they:

* Are reg. with SVERAK/FIFe pedigree

* Are health checked by veterinarian

* Have ID chip implant

* Are fully vaccinated

* Have pet passport

* Are at least 14 weeks old

* Have known status regarding GM2, HK and BHD

We follow the rules and recommendations of SVERAK/FIFe when selling kittens.

The price for a Bombay kitten from Trymheims is 1.500 €. We are located in Budapest, Hungary but can usually be helpful with part/full transport to other countries around Europe. We are often in Sweden ourselves and have a great contact net to help with transport. 

Our kittens are used to kids and other cats. They grow up as family members and we wish for them to stay family members in their new homes.

Of course we can help choosing a kitten if a buyer is interested in breeding and showing their cats, but we cannot guarantee that a kitten will have breeding and/or show qualities when it grows up. We primarily sell our kittens as pets.

We will not sell to the first person who calls about a kitten. The most important thing is to find the right home for the kittens according to its temper and needs.