Our kittens grow up in our home; running in the stairs, hanging in the curtains, sleeping in our beds – like the family members they are. They are very much handled with love which makes them confident and social.

Our cattery name is taken from the Nordic fornlore… just like the names of our sons (Trym and Odin). I am very fascinated by that time in our Nordic history, I also feel that the name is very suitable for cats coming from Tryms home (heim=home).

We are focused on cooperation with other breeders and can usually help with finding the right kitten just for you, even if we don’t have kittens when you are searching.

I, Britta, am Swedish but live in Hungary. I am a board member of the Swedish FIFe-member SVERAK. I am also the Breed Secretary of Burmese Breed Council and member of the Bombay Breed Council in FIFe. In addition I am the treasurer in the Swedish Burmese Cat Club and one of the founders and a board member of the European Bombay Cat Club.

I speak English, Swedish and Norwegian fluently. I also speak some German, French and Hungarian and fully understand written Danish.