Our webpage is now in English only,  to make it more available for all (except for the page about the breed, which is in Swedish only). All news about shows, plans, litters, etc, will be found under News!

Britta Kjellin, the owner of S*Trymheims, is a certified breeder in SVERAK/FIFe

Our goal is to breed mentaly and physically healthy and strong burmese cats, with excellent temper and an exterior as close to the standard as possible.

IC S*Trymheims Lagaz av Nordrvegr JW

We hope to contribute to the genetic diversity in the Burmese breed by breeding with a plan for the future for every litter and by spreading the different ”lines” of genes with responsibility. 

All material on this website is protected according to Swedish law. The content can not be copied or in any other way be used without permission. 

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